Respecify Products and Materials Without Duplicating Work

Reuse building and construction materials from previous projects — including all associated documents and data.

Procure Materials Efficiently

Send RFQs and POs straight from your dashboard so you can get faster turnaround from vendors. Manage inventory. Leave complete documentation for building management.

Integrations to Make Your Work Faster, Less Tedious

Materials and FF&E specification. Construction accounting software. Inspirations into full specs. Fohlio has what you need to streamline your design-build process.

Collaborate With Contractors, Interior Designers, and Clients

Fohlio is a professional interior design software, construction management software, and architecture software in one. We bring design-build professionals, vendors, and clients together on one platform for seamless collaboration.

Generate Design and Construction Documents Easily

On-brand interior design presentations. Detailed construction submittals. Complete job site packets. With Fohlio, it only takes minutes.

4x Faster Specification

Fohlio’s powerful web clipper makes materials and FF&E specification faster and more accurate. Save text, images, documents, and more.

Attentive, 24/7 Customer Support

Our team is always on standby and instantly accessible via chat. Get in touch during EST business hours and you’ll very likely catch our founder, as well.

Keep Products and Associated Documents in One Place

Build your firm’s product library every time you specify an item. Your team can easily access historical data, including all documents associated with a product, and all the projects it was used in previously.

Automate Cost Estimation

Manage building construction cost on Fohlio. Compare bulk pricing, trade pricing, discounts, markups, and more. See accurate cost estimates at a glance and plan your construction budget better.

Manage Materials and Stay Organized

Sort and filter any number of FF&E, structural materials, and more. Organize by category, area, or however you need it.

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