Marketing Ideas for Growing Your Interior Design or Architecture Firm

Marketing ideas. Okay. So, your Interior Design or Architecture firm has a relatively steady stream of projects now. You’ve likely weathered lean times and expanded a couple of times. And, more likely than not, you’ve solidified your firm’s identity. It’s easy for you to tell clients and friends what your firm does well and who […]

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How to Find Your Ideal Client for Your Architecture or Interior Design Firm (And Why You Need to)

It’s tempting to chase every client you can—especially early on. Who knows when your next project might bubble up. And, how can you turn down a potential client? Honestly, you can’t turn down a client. If you can take on a project that shows up at your door, do it. But, finding new clients—and selling […]

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4 Tips For Creating a Beautiful and Effective Mood Board

We’re artists. We have visions of what we think will be beautiful or delightful. We can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and bring it to life. But, before all that, we have to get it on a mood board and sell the right story to our client. That can be a challenge. Here are […]

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Four Things I Learned Doing a Remodel for a Couple

With all the couples I’ve worked with, I swear, if this career doesn’t work out, I could just become a couples therapist. It’s not always the case, but from time-to-time, I think half of my job is dedicated to navigating personalities in a group. Even when I think I’m only working with one person, I […]

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Does your Client Think Design Happens at the Speed of Reality TV?

Okay. Time for a little honesty. I will binge home renovation reality TV shows. House Hunters International, Small Space Big Style, Extreme Homes (they once had a boat that was made from a plane. A PLANE BOAT!)—I love them all.  Not to mention, it’s great for business. Clients get excited when they see new possibilities […]

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Top-5 Hacks to Brainstorm a Perfect Design with a Tight Deadline

Brainstorming creative ideas can be a slam dunk or a total disaster that soaks up all your time. This is especially true for interior designers, who are brainstorming design concepts. So we have drawn up 5 top brainstorming hacks that will help you find great ideas for your projects and make the creative process more […]

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